How often should a piano be tuned?

Manufacturers recommend twice a year.  If tuned twice a year, ideal times would be after the air conditioning comes on, and after the furnace comes on.  If you tune your piano only once a year, tune it around the same time each year.  Pianos that are used more, may require more frequent tuning. I have several  clients that tune their pianos once a month, because of temperature and humidity changes in the room, and expectations of the pianist.  The real answer to the question "HOW OFTEN SHOULD I TUNE MY PIANO is" as often as it needs it.

Why does a piano go out of tune?

A. Enviroment
B. Infrequency of tuning
C. Tuner's lack of skill
D. Piano design problems
E. Mechanical problems
F. Moving
G. Hard use

What is the ideal humidity for a piano?

Manufacturers say around 40% - 50% is ideal for pianos.

Where is the best placement for a piano?

It is best to place your piano on an inside wall, away from heat registers, and out of the direct sunlight.  Don't place your piano anywhere where there are wide temperature or humidity fluctuations or drafts.

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